Term 4 2014 - Mandala Madness!

Term 4 2014 - Mandala Madness!
Check out our amazing, intricate, detailed Mandala patterns!

Term 3, 2015 - String Art

Term 3, 2015 - String Art
Bringing back the old school, with a touch of new! Stay tuned...

Term 2, 2015 - Doodle Art!

Term 2, 2015 - Doodle Art!
In Term 2, 15 students took 10 lessons on doodle art! We had a great time learning about this artistic skill.

Term 1 2015 - Perspecitives

Term 1 2015 - Perspecitives
Learning to use watercolour paints and paint perspectives - heaps of fun!

2014 - Murals on School Values

2014 - Murals on School Values
Family, Caring for others, Tolerance and Peace are now displayed at the entrance to our school!

2014 - School Mosaics

2014 - School Mosaics
Mosaics created by Year 7/8 students to welcome visitors to our school!

Tigers in the Mist - 2014

Tigers in the Mist - 2014
Azure creating a tiger masterpiece, based on the book he was reading in his classroom.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

A Great Day with Room 6

Today Room 6 were given the challenge of creating some art that helped to explain about some key concept they had been learning about in class.

Here is some of the art created! To see more, come in and check out our school hall!

Amazing Art from Miss Paraha

See more on Paige's blog!

Monday, 16 November 2015

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Progress on our Individual Mandala Art Pieces!

Some great progress today... More photos to come!







Saturday, 7 November 2015

String Stars

Wool and cardboard! Thats all you need for this craft :> You may want to put something on the cardboard (in this image they have used green craft paper). 

There is a template below here which you can print off and put over the cardboard, or alternatively click on THIS LINK and follow steps one through to three. But instead of splitting the halves into thirds, split them into tenths. You will end up with twenty slices like below.

Cut a zigzag pattern between each slot. It will look like this image below (without the purple lines.)

Now choose the type of pattern you want. Try lots of different ones! Its all about the jumps you choose to take with the wool/string. The pattern above is 8 jumps, which gives you the smaller circle on the inside. You may want a larger circle - try 5 jumps. You may even want to do two different patterns with different colours of string. 


Making a Star!

These stars are easy and super fun to make. You can either use coloured paper as a base, or make your own patterns on plain paper!! A3 paper will give a bigger size star, but A4 paper may be a good place to start for your first try.  I would probably use scrap paper to draft your first star - saves on wasted trees :>

Step One
Use a glass (or another round object).

Step Two
Draw a circle around the circular object.

Step Three
Make points through half. Then split the halves into thirds. You should end up with 6 marks.

Step Four
Draw line between 2 point, skipping one in the middle. You will end up with a star.

Step Five
Cut out the star.

Step Six
Fold along the INNER lines.

Step Seven
Flip star over. Fold on the OUTER lines. This will make your star 3D.

Step Eight
Refold and pop out your star!